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SNEC 10th (2016) International Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Engineering (Shanghai) Exhibition & Forum is showed on May 24th-26th 2016,that is largest and most specialized PV event In Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening for three days. Suzhou TOPHUNG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. with a new tensile testing machine and application program exciting debut exhibition.

on the first day ,our booth attracting many industry professionals stopped to ask that popular overflowing, TOPHUNG assign strong lineup, including technical experts and senior advisers stationed at the scene, general manager of Ye Jianrong personally provide quality testing solutions to customers, we are loyal to serve the new and old customers. In addition, demonstrated at site that attracted many customers come to watch, advice for a new generation of test machines with high-end due to the design of reliable, easy to use,.

With the increasing importance of the tensile testing machine, the exhibition, TOPHUNG booth attracted many professional visitors at home and abroad to visit and consultation, we have been the unanimous praise. Through our on-site consultants to explain the advantages of the product in detail, and the perfect performance of products and features to show visitors to show great interest.
As a partner of CADIS in Greater China, this series of tensile testing machine can be used in metal materials, hardware tools, plastic polymer composites, paper packaging, electrical and electronic, automobile manufacturing, testing institutions and other industries.
Suzhou TOPHUNG in a number of cities in the domestic development of distribution, agency partners, the establishment of a sound sales and service network for our customers to provide quality technical services protection.
Visitors to the audience really experience the TOPHUNG testing machine
SNEC2016 to a perfect ending, Suzhou TOPHUNG will continue to develop new technologies, research and development of the sixth generation test machine, to provide our clients with more sophisticated testing machine.



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